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Enter the Fable
Enter the Fable
Enter the Fable
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A monkey, slender and agile, was walking early in the morning
A crocodile sleeps peacefully in the water.
after a clearly restless night of partying in the city,
from which one can hear murmurs in the distance
and even a few notes of salsa music.
In his torpor, the crocodile is awakened by the sound of the mardi gras beads dangling from the chest of the reveling monkey.
He opens one eye, puzzled, and then another, when he hears the monkey humming boisterous tunes, and he stands there watching the animal.
The crocodile gets closer and closer from the noisy monkey, gliding silently on the water.
The monkey sees the crocodile…
Startled but still merry, he strikes aconversation!
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